Welcome to the Fantoon Network WikiEdit

Hi, and welcome to the Fantoon Network Wiki, a wiki for everything that is fanon about Cartoon Network! You can add articles to the wiki that revolve around your own TV shows, movies, video games, characters, and other things that happen in your imagination that revolves around CN. Make yourself at home, and you can edit here as you please. Enjoy your time here, and again, welcome to the Fantoon Network wiki!

What is Fantoon Network Wiki?Edit

Fantoon Network Wiki will be all about fanon things about Cartoon Network (fanon means fan-made/ not officially made by Cartoon Network, or any other company). You are able to add things, such as your own made up characters from different CN shows (EX.: An imaginary friend you made up that never appeared in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends that you would've liked it to), video games (such as a made up CN crossover game, or a made up Ben 10 game), TV shows (such as a cartoon you would like CN to make, or a spin-off series of an old CN show that you made up), movies (such as a made up movie about Billy and Mandy), and everything else that is fanon about CN.

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